Worldwide, the Coronavirus outbreak has proven to be a challenge for many countries, communities and people. However, some parts of the population might be even more at risk for health, economic and other insecurities during this global pandemic – persons with disabilities. About 15% of the world’s population live with a disability. In Uganda, persons with disabilities constitute 12.4% of the approximately 45,5 million strong population.

To get a glimpse into the impact that the Coronavirus outbreak has on persons with disabilities in Uganda, to build awareness among the public and to transform citizens from passive listeners to active advocates on the topic, TracFM and the organization Light for the World in cooperation with the “Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme” (CUSP) which is funded by the European Union and the German government, is launching a series of radio talk shows in four different local languages.
Guest speakers form various government bodies, disabled people’s organizations and persons with disabilities themselves will discuss and reflect on different issues to build awareness for an inclusive society. To get real time data and to advocate for inclusive service delivery, SMS polls are conducted during the shows.

The established methodology has shown unprecedented results with a respondent base of over 1,800,000 individuals and high quality radio programmes reaching over 9 Million listeners in their local language (source: Light for the World). The talk shows will be hosted on 5 radio stations in Uganda. In the next weeks, talk shows on Coronavirus in your household, Coronavirus and mental health and Coronavirus and livelihood of persons with disabilities will follow.

So, tune in and let’s talk!” Here is the program;