Creative WebsitesSocial Media Virtual AssistantDigital Storytelling

Creative Websites

We not only build you a website, we give you a virtual assistant. Who will interact with your clients or audience.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social Media is the future, we strategically tailor communication to suit the listening needs of your audience

Digital Storytelling

What does your work have to say to your audience? Through our creative team, we produce Audio-Visual content that specifically


Thriving in a digital economy eliminates the protrusion of discomfort, and that is why Faraja Digital is here for all your Strategic Communication Needs in Information Management. We are your Virtual Assistants focused at making sure you and your audience communicates effectively. In your service, we create, manage and share information hence amplifying your impact giving you more access and control on the digital space including the online community where all our societies are connected. Our services are categorized under three main segments 1) Digital Storytelling, 2) Social Media, and 3) Creative Websites. We offer you true value for money, remarkable content, creative work that is unique and of high quality. Browse through to book a service with us.