Imagine a brand trying to communicate to you 24/7 but all it does is use text every single time. At some moment, you’re going to get bored because honestly, people don’t like reading. It requires a lot of mental effort and people value their time and would love content that they can easily understand within a matter of seconds.

That brings me to video marketing. Video marketing is a marketing tool where a video is used to promote your brand, product, or service. This marketing tool has been around for years because marketers understood the big positive impact that it brings to businesses. When customers are engaging with your content, they want something that they can easily relate to emotionally within a few seconds and be able to make a purchase decision at the end of the day. And videos are a good way to make that happen.

Video marketing can come in many forms that include live videos, social media videos, TV adverts, behind-the-scenes videos, viral videos, explainer videos, product demo videos, customer testimonial videos, trending videos, and the list goes on. All the videos mentioned connect with your audience in various and we want to know why you should include videos in your marketing strategy.

Easy connection with your audience

When people read text, the emotional connection to the content they’re reading is not that great but when they watch a video, they easily relate to what they’re watching because there is that personal feeling of excitement that’s attached to videos and people are likely to respond. A good example is the Coca-Cola adverts that sell the narrative of a family gathering together with joy and happiness. That kind of content subconsciously triggers people’s minds hence having a positive emotional connection toward Coca-Cola as a brand.

Increase engagement

One of the aims of making videos for marketing purposes is to make sure you create something visually interesting for viewers. People rarely move past interesting content, particularly videos. They will watch and admire your content and that alone will encourage them to engage with your content by liking, sharing, or even commenting. That’s good for your business because it will expose your brand to a wider audience and people will be always eager to know what you post and be able to engage with content.

Easy understanding of your product or service

When you advertise your product or service using a video, people can see the product/service features clearly and how the product/service can be beneficial to their lives. A video advertising a product or service doesn’t need to have a lot of explanations but simply evidence of the product or service and proof that it works convincing people to try it out.

Videos come with a huge Return On Investment (ROI)

It takes a lot of time to create the best ideas for your marketing videos, and also the scripting, shooting and editing, and all the other resources you might need depending on the nature of your video. That whole process can be overwhelming but once that video is posted online and shown to the right audience, your audience’s engagement is likely to boost your conversions in the future and the money you will get from one video alone will be more than the money you used when creating the video itself. Simply take the time to create something nice, market it through the right channels and good money will be flowing in steadily.

Videos build trust with customers

The mere fact that people love watching videos, that can increase engagement and conversions on your side but it comes with the most important aspect when dealing with customers, which is trust. Well-tailored video content can convince your audience to trust your brand because when they watch your video content, emotionally they connect with the content through the key message that you’re sharing, and that alone can make them rely on your brand for what you offer.

In summary, videos are great for any business to increase brand awareness and also market products and services. And with the advancement of technology, smartphones can be used to record videos and even simple editing tools have been introduced to create something worth watching within a short period. Don’t give an excuse for not engaging in video marketing, you can start now.